The Firm

Jim Jenkins is an “AV” preeminently peer and judge reviewed rated attorney in both legal ability and ethical standards that practices in both Federal and State courts. He represents only people not corporations or the government. If Jim becomes your attorney you find that he and his qualified staff will treat you with respect, dignity, integrity and honesty. Jim does not lead his clients into a false sense of hope nor does he paint a bleaker picture that based upon his 28 years of experience is unrealistic. Although Jim doesn’t “cheerlead” clients into a false sense of security about how if they hire him they will win their case, Jim’s reputation has been built based on the fact that he will do everything possible to effect the best possible outcome for his clients. No one is judged for their mistakes they may have made; as human beings we all make mistakes. Addiction and alcohol are a common thread in so many cases and Jim has an expertise in knowing how to mitigate and present these cases that will benefit his clients. He often works with therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists to effect the best possible outcome for his clients.

If a client’s case is one that the client is simply overcharged or not guilty, Jim will go to extraordinary means to bring this to the attention of the prosecutors and/or judge. If a jury trial is required, Jim will spend countless hours preparing your case for trial as well as preparing you, on a multidimensional level, to undergo the stress of a jury trial. Court is a frightening place for almost everyone and Jim will provide you with tools that he has acquired to lessen some of the fear. Jim has never been a lawyer who thinks that a client should not be nervous about the trial, or for that matter, the court process. What normal human being in his or her right mind wouldn’t be? Fear of the unknown is daunting.

Effective representation may mean enlightening opposing counsel that the client is an otherwise “good person” who simply made a mistake. No two cases are the same just like no two personalities are the same. Many factors, such as who the judge, prosecutor or opposing counsel are all factors that must be taken into account in achieving the best resolution of your case. Who these people are, and who you are, will have a bearing on the approach Jim takes to affect the best possible outcome for you.

The Law Offices of M. James Jenkins, P. A., is housed in two connected buildings with approximately 3000 square of space encompassing the latest technology, video conferencing, research programs and resources available to any law firm. We utilize a large video conference room as a “mock courtroom” or as a room to bring in “focus groups” to confidentially present cases to determine the most important issues in a client’s case. There is nothing more important to affecting a positive outcome in a client’s case than solid case preparation. Generally, when Jim is preparing a client’s case for trial, 100% of his attention is devoted to that client’s case, sometimes foregoing other representation of clients so that all resources can be devoted to that client’s case. Handling forty to ninety cases like some criminal defense lawyers is NOT the nature of Jim’s practice. Although, it depends on the type of cases Jim is handling at any particularly moment, Jim’s preferred method of practice is to handle a lower volume of cases so each case can receive optimal attention. Furthermore, for every hour in the Courtroom, untold hours must be spent outside the courtroom preparing for trial or hearings.

Jim also strives to communicate openly and effectively, and as often as necessary, with his clients. As it is “their case” the Client must be kept informed of what is going on with their case so the Client will know what decisions to make in resolving the case, with the assistance and counsel of Jim’s 28+ years experience as a trial lawyer of course.

Jim truly prides himself on providing excellent, compassionate representation of his clients. If Jim decides to take your case, or if you decide to retain Jim, you will see how much he cares about you as a person and about affecting a good outcome in your case. He has an extremely successful track record in Court, as evinced by his “AV” Preeminent anonymous rating by Judges and other lawyers that inures to the benefits of his clients. He will truly place 100% of his effort and energy helping you in every manner he can. You are a human being with rights, not just a case file in the hands of opposing counsel who is sometimes more concerned with merely winning than obtaining justice in a case.