Motor Vehicle Accidents

Mr. Jenkins has represented hundreds of people injured in automobile related accidents. If our office represents you in a motor vehicle accident we take immediate action when you retain us, as we do in all our cases. We will have our investigators take photographs of the damaged vehicles involved, the crash scene and/or your injuries immediately. Mr. Jenkins, as he does in most cases, will go to the accident scene himself with an investigator in order to gain a better perspective of how the accident occurred. He will also notify both yours and the at fault party's insurance carrier that he will be representing you immediately in order that you not be harassed by insurance adjusters attempting to take statements from you to limit their own liability.  Jim and his staff of paralegals and assistants will obtain all the investigative information necessary to make a thorough and honest evaluation of your case.

Our sincere desire it to make sure that you receive the best medical care from health care providers so that you have the best chances of making a full recovery. Documenting our files with how you progress with your medical recovery is very important in bringing a successful claim against the negligent person, business or corporation that caused your injuries.  We will call you routinely to check on your progress as your case proceeds. We also suggest to our clients that they keep a diary or log of how their life is affected by the injury or injuries they received in the car crash.

In Florida, for someone to have a claim for damages from an auto accident for pain and suffering, a person must have a permanent injury from the crash. We know how to work with doctors who will provide you with a medical impairment rating, once you have obtained as full of recovery as possible.  Once a person has reached a point in his or her medical care where he or she will, within a reasonable degree of medical probability, not recover any more than they already have, they have reached what is called "maximum medical improvement" (MMI), in medical and legal jargon and it then may be time to make a formal offer to settle with the insurance carrier.

Many times cases are settled without filing suit. We have settled claims for over $1,000,000.00 without ever having filed a formal lawsuit.  However, unfortunately, often times the insurance carrier will not pay what may be the appropriate amount for damages you have incurred for pain and suffering, inconvenience and past and future medical needs so the case must be formally litigated and sometimes taken to a jury trial to obtain an appropriate award. The decision to settle or litigate is always yours, Mr. Jenkins will merely provide you with his advice and help you weigh the pros and cons of the choice you must make.

Florida is known as a “no fault” insurance state; in other words, this means that each party, irrespective of who caused the accident, is responsible for their own damages up to $10,000. However, the at fault party is responsible for damages in excess of this amount up to and, at times, beyond the limits of their various coverages under their insurance policies. Some people may have considerable assets beyond the damages incured by you or have “umbrella insurance policies” that may provide money if the insured person’s damages are in excess of their auto policy insurance limits. In Florida, in most cases, a person has four years from the date of the negligence to file a lawsuit to recover for damages. Many other states have different statute of limitations and do not require a permanent impairment before one can bring a claim, i.e.. Alabama. 

If choose us to represent you, and yours is a case we feel comfortable handling, we will provide you and your case personal attention. We do not take on a large volume of cases so we can "work up" each case properly.  Many hours are spent developing your case, speaking to health care providers and, if necessary spending untold hours preparing you, your witnesses and your case for trial.  We limit the number of cases we agree to take so we can provide you the most excellent representation possible.

All costs incurred by us will only be reimbursed if a recovery is made.  If no recovery is made, you will owe us nothing for our expenses advanced to investigate or even litigate your case.

Call us at (850) 434-9304 or contact us online to discuss your legal options. Mr. Jenkins can be reached after hours at his home office at (850) 474-4182.