Driving Under the Influence; Underage Drinking; Commercial Drivers Licenses

Jim Jenkins law firm serves Pensacola, Milton and Destin that encompasses Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa Counties that handles cases wherein people have been arrested for “drunk driving” or “driving under the influence” (DUI) where your normal faculties have been impaired.

A DUI can happen to anyone who consumes alcohol. Being arrested does not mean you are an alcoholic or, on some occasions, it may. There is nothing fundamentally defective with you in either case. Sometimes being arrested for DUI is enough for people to change their drinking habits, or, a t least their driving habits. It’s unfortunate that our newspaper, the Pensacola New Journal, has chosen to publish the names of everyone arrested for DUI in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties when no other misdemeanors are generally publicized.

A DUI can be a nightmare for most of us. The laws surrounding DUI’s are extremely confusing because of the complexity of the laws surrounding such a violation. For example, there are both criminal and administrative cases that are occurring simultaneously. Your ability to drive, going to jail, large fines and many conditions of probation are all at stake. There is so much misinformation surrounding DUIs in almost all cases need an attorney who is going to “shoot straight” with you. Jim Jenkins’ law office is here to do just that.

A conviction for DUI stays on your record all you life, not three years or seven years – these are myths we at Jim Jenkins law hear all the time. We are here to educate you as to your legal rights and how to possibly successfully defend your rights if you are arrested for DUI.

It is exceptionally important to access as much helpful legal information as quickly as possible if you have been arrested for DUI. By as quickly as possible I mean within a day or two of your arrest. I can truly understand the confusion that immediately follows such a harrowing experience as being arrested for DUI, going through the booking process, etc. but it is extremely important you speak to Jim as soon as possible upon release. If you don’t talk with him within ten days of your arrest you will be foregoing some important rights you may have. Fully understanding your legal rights and how to successfully defend against a DUI is extremely important.

Describing all the “ins and outs” of a DUI in a web site is exceptionally difficult. You need to set an appointment with Jim immediately so he can help you with the legal quagmire and confusion that a DUI arrest can bring.

In the administrative case, you only have ten days, excluding the day of arrest, to begin defending the administrative suspension of your Florida driving privilege. The administrate law changed July 1, 2013 that makes you taking immediate action extremely important. If you are a first time offender, you may be able to keep limited driving privileges if you elect particular elective measures. The bottom line is that if you are arrested for a DUI offense in Florida you need effective advice immediately.

In the criminal case, there may be many things we can help you with that may result in a better disposition than you would otherwise obtain. Investigation into the case immediately, obtaining video tape evidence, if available, reviewing reports, and taking photographs of where an accident or an arrest occurred may be imperative to affect such a result.

Our objective is to obtain for you the best result possible in your DUI case. We will be honest with you and not paint an overly negative picture of the consequences of your arrest nor will we paint an overly optimistic picture of how your case will turn out if you hire us. What we can promise you is we will do our best to effect the best possible outcome for you.

Once your case is investigated properly, it may be one that needs to go to trial or motions to suppress evidence may need to be filed because your rights were violated when the officer stopped you, gave you your field sobriety examinations, or read you your implied consent warnings.